China Life Science Holding Group Ltd (CLS). With its geographically advantaged location in the international city of Hong Kong, CLS is committed to utilising the cutting-edge technology of life sciences to the healthcare industry including the genetic testing, the precision medicine, the cell therapy, the life bank and the life management system.

In Hong Kong, CLS has subsidiaries including China Bioengineering Technology Group Limited (CBT), China Life Science Technology Group Limited (CLST), China Life Health Care Limited, China Life Science Service Limited, China Life Science Intellectual Property Limited, Fulixin Life Science Technology Limited, Hong Kong Institute of International Regenerated Medical Limited and Hong Kong Institute of Cell Biotechnology Conversion Medical Limited. In Mainland China, CLS has subsidiaries including Shenzhen Fulixin Health Industry Development Limited, Shenzhen Fulixin Health Management Limited, Shenzhen Fulixin Tissue Engineering Cell Bank (Life Bank), and many industrial platforms including Hangzhou Sanatorium of People’s Liberation Army Functional Medical Centre.


Registered Medical Practitioners in Hong Kong

Registered Medical Practitioners in Hong Kong provide health care services and consultation services for our customers.

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Follow-up Service

Registered Nurses in Hong Kong provide follow-up services for clients who served by CLS.

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Reveal the secret of life and accelerate China to lead the world in precision medicine.

Help people live longer and better.

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