Whole Genome Test

Talent Genetic Testing

Diabetes Detection and Complications Assessment

Pretes Ultra-Early Cancer Screening

Beauty Genetic Test


Genetic Testing Process

1. Make a booking Book at least 3 working days in advance
2. RegisterComplete a Customer Registration Form
3. ConfirmationSign the Service Subscription and Informed Consent Forms
4. Processing of PaymentCash/Credit Card/Cheque payments are only accepted in Hong Kong currency.
5. Sample CollectionExtraction of saliva or buccal mucosal cells – safe and non-invasive.
6. Report Processing & InterpretationThe report takes 30 days to be processed and completed.

Requirements for Sample Collection:

Take light meals and avoid alcohol and strenuous exercise before the test

Eating, drinking, smoking or chewing gum is not allowed 30 minutes before the test

PreTes Ultra-Early Cancer Screening Sample Collection:
The patient must avoid eating and drinking at least 6 hours before collection of blood