CBT is the only health center that is equipped with genetic testing as well as health care service in Hong Kong. We adopt the most precise detecting technology that is recognized internationally and take the lead in applying genetic testing to beauty, skin care, nutrition, personalized medicine and other related fields.


As reported by the British Daily Mail in 2009, scientists announced that they have identified the key genes related to skin aging. It indicated that genetic testing technology provides a solid foundation for achieving the dream of staying youth.

As long as the key genes leading to skin aging are found, a cosmetologist can focus on the internal factor that leads to skin aging and find out the personalized solution to the maintenance of skin. In this way, we can slow down the skin from aging as well as keep us looking young and radiant in a more efficient way.

Our technology is applied to test the genetic health risk of your skin by analyzing the DNA samples collected from the oral cavity. The test is conducted in five areas: elasticity function, pigmentation protection, firming ability, free radicals scavenging ability and anti-inflammatory function (internal & external factor). We will perform risk assessment from each of these areas and rate them accordingly. The lower the risk is assessed, the better the state of your skin is. The result of our analysis will provide you with a personalized solution for improving your skin and slowing down the aging processes before the appearance of any observable signs!

  • Elasticity Function: Collagen, which accounts for 75% of the net weight of our skin, helps to keep our skin firm and elastic. The quality and quantity of collagen thus play an important role in our skin care regime.
  • Pigmentation: Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light will lead to a 90% occurrence of early skin aging. Repetitive UV-induced injuries will even damage the DNA of our epidermal cells, leading to persistent inflammation and an increase in oxidative stress of our body tissues. All of the above will result in a change of skin status as well as pigmentation (age spots, brown spots, freckles).
  • Firming Ability: Glycation is a recognized cause that accelerates the aging process. This change can lead to the functional loss of collagen and elastic fibers in maintaining skin firmness, resulting in wrinkles.
  • Free Radicals Scavenging Ability: Free radicals are one of the main causes of cell aging resulted from cellular oxidation. The most powerful defense against these free radicals is our antioxidant gene. Too many free radicals can lead to serious damage to each layer of our skin including lower epidermis, dermis and particularly fragile epidermis.
  • Anti-inflammatory Function (Internal & External Factor): Inflammation is the first line of defense of our skin against external substances, such as bacteria and chemicals. Within a short period of time, inflammation is beneficial; but once the related genes have changed, an excessive inflammatory response may be resulted and can lead to unnecessary inflammation and skin damage.The anti-inflammatory function embodies the body’s defense against external substances and our detoxification ability. Thus, it is closely related to our skin care regime.