Diabetes Detection and Complications Assessment

According to statistics, there are about 382 million adults with diabetes worldwide in 2013. China ranks top 1 country with diabetic population, which the number of diabetic patients is 114 million. With the progression of diabetes, the disease can lead to problems with heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Also, diabetes increases the risk of foot ulcers and infections and leads to amputation ultimately. Besides, diabetes is one of the causes of retinopathy and kidney failure. Compared with individuals without diabetes, patients with diabetes have at least twice the risk of dying.


Diabetes Detection and Complications Assessment provides an efficie nt management program specifically tailored to patients with diabetes . Based on the latest biomedical research results, the genetic testing provides diabetic patients with the most scientific guidelines for medication, diet and exercise to help each diabetic patients intervene the disease according to their individual characteristics.

Sampling Method

Using disposable oral swab for oral epithelial cells sampling collection is safe and noninvasive.
Learn about your genetic predisposition to diabetes before the onset of illness , your risk of diabetes and your medication of diabetes. Thus, you can take appropriate precautions to prevent or delay diabetes, which helps you achieve a better life.